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How to get the best freight deal when shipping to the East Coast?

For extra savings, fill an entire pallet with the maximum weight and height allowed (1000 LB and 80 Cubic feet), as this allows you to take advantage of trucking companies' flat shipping rates. Use as few pallets as possible, as well.

Pallet Sample State ZIP Code Weight (LB) Volume(Cubic Feet) Freight Estimate* Graphic Average Freight Ratio    
A $600 NY 10001 500lb. 40 $255.00 HALF 40%
B $1800 NY 10001 1000lb. 80 $255.00 FULL 15% Better

* Receive your merchandise in 8 business days

* Receive the lowest shipping rates

* Merchandise professionally packed for safe delivery

* Spend more time running your business and less time worrying about shipping

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